Sunday, February 14, 2010

V3: I can always be found

well, we're here. volume 3 is finished and polished up into a pretty interesting mix-- and it's probably just as likely to make you cry as any of the other ones, sadly. that being said, this was by far the trickiest one to put together, because it encompasses a group of songs that i think of as most experimental or unconventional than the first two, and as such they are longer and a little stranger and a little all over the map. also, it's three sides, instead of two, because i am insane. side A ends on "the purple bottle," side B goes from "shut up i am dreaming of places where lovers have wings" to "the other side of mt. heart attack," and side C is "anthems for a seventeen year old girl" on. the subtext is A = mostly happy, B = super sad, C = uplifting-ish.

getting the tone right was important, and the key thing, strangely enough, was finding the right bjork songs. much as i love bjork, the versions of her songs that i love best are remixes or alternate versions, especially for mixes-- the ones on the record are pretty desolate. so, i finally got the sequencing right, found the key songs, and now it scans much happier than it did with the originals.

so, this pretty much attempts to encompass all the strangeness of loving someone, foreign as that concept sounds to me. as songs, this collection is pretty ambitious, but there are moments in each of them that are brutal and wonderful. let me point out a few of my favorite moments:

"the way you look could seriously make nature dysmorphic"
"here's the color of my heart as it's starting to crack"
"carry my joy on the left / carry my pain on the right"
"can i tell you that you are the purple in me?"
"if i fall into the drink, i will say your name before i sink"
"twist your head around-- it's all around you"
"i remember everything, and i never want to stop"
"i could take away the shaky knees, and i could give you all the olive trees"
"you couldn't lose me if you tried"
and of course, "i can always be found"

so, see if you like it. i've embedded it again, with the wrong bjork songs, but because i love you i've also included all three volumes, downloadable, labeled, and in order. because it's valentine's day. enjoy.

V1: All I want is your eyes (download via rapidshare)

V2: An honest verse of longing or a simple song of hope (download via google)

V3: I can always be found (download via rapidshare)

note that i tried uploading to google docs as well as rapidshare-- let me know if you have any problems downloading and i'll be happy to get it to you one way or the other.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the mixes. i haven't listened all the way through yet, but i've put them on the ipod to listen to in the car. i'm psyched.