Sunday, July 26, 2009

he hasn't dropped them, forgot them, or anything

i spent seven hours at tysons yesterday shopping for work clothes. have to go back today to make some returns due to either bloodlust or near-brain-death; i can't remember which. also i went to h&m last, which was dumb, because i could probably get everything i needed there. ah, well, feeling like a real person a little bit is kind of nice, even if shopping isn't.

my birthday was awesome, thanks for that; everything after my birthday has been an almost (but not quite) hilarious shitstorm. but, eh. life continues.

tuesday is workday.

i love every single song WHY? does. check this new one. there are so many hooks! and so many crazy, dense lyrics! and piano! sigh. here's an example of one of the better vignettes in this song:

i wanna speak at an intimate decibel /
with the precision of an infinite decimal /
to listen up and send back a true echo /
of something forever felt but never heard /
i want that sharpened steel of truth in every word

THAT is what you get when you have a background in hip hop and a prolific brain full of melodies. and are crazy. with all the other stuff in this song, you could almost miss that startling piece.

i also wanted to post the mokran remix of waitin' for a superman by the flaming lips, but i can't find it anywhere. i know i'm 10 years late to this party, but still, it's amazing, listen to it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thinking the big thoughts

getting drunk and watching NOVA Science Now tonight has raised one huge, alarming question in my mind:
why do i not get drunk and watch NOVA Science Now every night??

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bored of trade part 3

man, that was fun. notable:

-seeing all my friends, or at least a great many, in one place.
-the awesome way lindsay puts these things on. it's not a coolness contest all the time. just art, some tiny wine solo cups, a new canopy in the back yard, and loud, awesome bands inside.
-speaking of: BLDGS and the laughing man were really, really good. obviously i love them as people, but both bands were so good. and punishingly loud. i had paper-towel-ears the whole night.
-sweating all the time! this was not good; it was notable. everyone was doing it.
-meeting my friends' cool friends. for instance, it turns out that the one and only jason has started playing bass for seas, who i liked anyway and know some folks who like, and i finally made the connection between people-i-kind-of-know and people-who-are-in-that-band. good! always a fun realization.
-more music-related fun realizations: ian svenonius came, and i was standing in the entry walkway, and he greeted me as if i were an old friend before realizing he didn't know me. super nice guy. sixteen-year-old me was freaking out a little. he also knows my friends, so i guess we could hypothetically also be friends. sixteen-year-old me is freaking out a little about that, too.
-jason and i orchestrating song-based fistbump cues: we blow it up, magnet it back (like usual), and hold it until we both get done singing the same part of the same song. we tried it with "bicycle" by queen and "help!" by the beatles. mixed results due to shaky execution; awesome idea.
-spaaten optimator.
-bike riding.
-liz professing equal amounts of incredulity and happiness hearing about my new life stuff.
-receiving a text message this morning from dave that read, simply, "canadian girlfriend."

i think this will do fine in lieu of a post bragging about how lots of good stuff is happening in my life. last night was a small, great slice of happy.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

fuck you, GRE

not only am i going to own you, but i'm going to lose ten pounds. this is what i've decided after feeling utterly awful for the last few days.

it reminds me of this dumb commercial. i saw it frequently as i was watching hulu videos while feeling awful. it's for office depot or something, and it has all the hallmarks of a BOGUSKY! piece of work, because it's stupid and sort of frighteningly violent and off-putting, and no big corporation should have paid for it. but i laughed. so, just imagine it says HAL9000 Komputar-Based MultipleChoise Exam instead of recession.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

thursday mornin comin down

thanks to everyone who could come out yesterday. it was really, really fun.

i find myself today looking for the right music to get back into a life-mode that's not utterly disrupted by show-playing. as much fun as we had, it's necessary to re-normalize life. and for me, today, these two songs!


beach house -- lovelier girl (you'll have to stream it from here)

you might say: wait, these are unbelievably depressing! to you, maybe. i was thinking about kris kristofferson's 'sunday mornin comin down' but all the videos for that are from the 70s and 80s mariachi-band era. i just love the late-era johnny cash, and the fact that will oldham sings backup is just great. plus, despite everything, i think it's a happy song.

the beach house song is one of my many, many favorites. i could listen to them forever. this one is about distance and sadness and all that stuff, but it's also a happy song.

i think, if i were to complete the trifecta, i'd listen to those two in that order and add 'love comes to me' by bonnie "prince" billy. that'd really get me ready for life again. i think johnny cash, in the aforementioned mariachi-band and sickly-sweet-strings period could rip this song with june. if only.

nice. is that the wind?