Friday, February 5, 2010

as far as we could know (updated several times)

i don't really know why i've been moderately productive on music things recently-- maybe because i'm a little bored, and slacking off on the other parts of life? or spending more time alone? either way, it's all for the best.

the other thing i don't really know is why i keep wrapping songs in all these layers of synth and noise, but they're good experiments, and a few came out reasonably well. now i just need to find three keyboard players-- one to teach me what the hell i'm doing, and two to figure out what i recorded and how to reproduce it without a macbook. or, you know, start from scratch. the snowstorm this weekend is going to allow for a lot of cooking and a lot of music, so hopefully something good comes from it. in the meantime: a song vaguely memorializing my old car. or something. listen.

update: sorry, nevermind, it sucks and i need to redo it or rethink it before i post it. it's important not to put out offal.

update #2
: ok, i'm pretty proud of what came out now. listen, if you'd like.

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