Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh yes you can, just hold my hand, i think that that would help

i wanted to do something for valentine's day, especially given that i'm going to stay in my house with a bottle of gin and not emerge for the entire day (which has been happening a lot recently, due to snow/boringness). the thing is: valentine's day is not that good a holiday, but the nice thing is that it can only be good. if you're like me, be a hermit! let it pass! if there are people you want to spend it with, so-called 'significant' or otherwise, spend it with them! it shouldn't be that stressful.

to that end, as a way to try and prove to myself how much i've changed since i created a two-disc "valentine's day sucks" mix back in college, and to prove that i haven't changed at all... i've created a three-disc mix of love songs. there's so little sadness on these three lists that i find it hard to believe i like all the songs, but in fact i do. give them to somebody, listen to them, or just make your own-- doesn't matter. i'll post them over the next three days with a few comments, and you can get a head start here if you are impatient.

i started thinking about this in the context of listening to old songs i recorded, and in the process rediscovered the bright eyes song "bowl of oranges." it's the first song i ever recorded, in 2003; and, god, my cover sucks. REAL BAD. i had no idea how to sing. it's impossible to listen to, and i don't love or hate anyone enough to expose them to it. however, the actual song is wonderful, and it's the sort of thing you should listen to in bed on a sunny sunday morning, full or empty though your bed may be. i'm considering covering it again, just to see how far things have progressed in 7 years of pseudo-adulthood. so, happy valentine's day.

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jessica said...

i love all of this and all these songs and this idea and especially "crayon" (of course).