Friday, February 12, 2010

V1: All I want is your eyes

let's start with the obvious: in retrospect, this is not a purely happy mix. i mean, i tried, i really did-- you have to believe me. but there's only so much i could do on my own. i was considering asking for help from friends who like happy music more than me (i almost dug through the entire "zombie heaven" 4-disc set jessica sent me, because i know there's plenty of happy in that), but i wanted to do something that satisfied a few criteria:

1) ease. i used only songs that i had immediate access to. i bought a bjork song, and it isn't even the version i wanted, but it cost 10 cents, so oh well.

2) familiarity. i know almost every word to all of these songs, so i think i can personally vouch for their worth, but since i know them well they can also vouch for my personality-- i don't tend to listen to songs i don't like more than once, so these mixes say a lot about me.

3) freshness. you'll notice that some of my all time favorite love songs-- say yes, at the hop, penelope, kathy with a k's song, etc.-- did not make it. that's for a reason. there are plenty of duplicates from other mixes i've made, of course, but i wanted to look a little harder for songs that fit the mood without being too easy. i think "thirteen" does what "say yes" doesn't, at least for me: it looks forward, not back.

so, after listening through vol. 1, i'm pretty pleased with the experiment. like most things i do, i'm not going to go back and edit these too much, even though i know i've left out a lot and could probably reorder them or otherwise improve. they're nice experiments, and they're just what i want to be: obviously extremely flawed, but hopefully lovable for being so off-kilter.


ps: some of these will be greyed out, unfortunately-- look for them on youtube them or something. they're easy to find (ahem beatles ahem)

pps: i'm really glad i remembered the against me! song for a couple reasons: one is that it's awesome; two is that my against me! tshirt finally died today-- the hole in the sleeve finally metastasized and now it's a one-sleeve tshirt; three is that the transition from "i will" to "we did it all for don" is kind of priceless.

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Maura said...

you forgot the most romantic beatles song of all time:
"i'll cry instead" --