Monday, February 1, 2010

it pains me but i'm sure she's still yrs

i've been anxiously awaiting the pfork review of the new LC! album for the last week-- there were several long-awaited releases last tuesday (beach house, magnetic fields) so i didn't know exactly when it would get published. leaving aside your feelings about the site, it's pretty undeniable that if they love or hate something it tends to solidify the consensus-- and honestly, the reviews recently have tended to be thoughtful and well-written, so maybe that's deserved. anyway, since i like this band so much i feel like i have a rooting interest. i think paul thompson's review is very flattering and well reasoned, and though i'm a bit disappointed they didn't give it a Best New Music tag, it's not the end of the world.

also, one of my favorite songs on the album reminds me of something else i recently talked about here (for better or worse), in the context of an LC! song. i like this record for being more upbeat and in your face than most stuff i listen to, but also for being right up my alley: it's about death, breaking up, etc.; in specific, it's about being with the wrong person, and finally coming around to that realization, whether it's that the person is wrong for you or that you're wrong for them, or whatever. whereas "the sea is a good place to think of the future" is the emotional centerpiece of the record, this feels like the third quarter of a relationship that's ending. plus, there's this:
In a note I wrote, "I think too much about the end
But being around it made me feel like I'm coping now.
When I view the cemetery, I don't see headstones
I see rows of engraved middle teeth, hungry, waiting for me
And though I am fearful, I think I just crave the relief"

oh, and then the coda. i know it's a long record, but come on. this song is so good. it's the fifth quarter of a relationship that's ending.


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