Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

are you a man or are you a bag of sand?

it's dumb to get new music through tv shows, but hey, this isn't the first time i've learned a song i love by a band i recognize through watching chuck (ps: last two episodes have absolutely justified my decision to stick with this show). he's also playing my exact guitar.

oh and here's an old acoustic version

he looks a bit like nick offerman in this one.

i feel like i would really like this band. plus, i am quite fond of songs where it's unclear whether they want you not to give up or to give up. also, songs about drowning.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

not gonna win you round with prose; if anyone should know, then it's i should know

i had a dream last night in which i was hanging out in a nearly empty hotel ballroom with los campesinos! who were playing conan o'brien's show, even though it was already off the air (thus why i was the only one there). after conan and i sang along with the band (i can't remember which song, but i know it was quite vivid in my dream, and i of course knew all the words), he went a bit ape and started tearing the walls out of said hotel ballroom. also, i only know it was a hotel ballroom because it had ugly carpet.

then we went outside and played soccer. then i ran home? i'm not sure.

i got three things from this:
1) if i drink lots of gin and tonics i have fun dreams;
2) in my drunkenness i managed to set a google calendar alarm to buy LC! tickets this morning
3) everyone should follow conan on twitter.

4) my subconscious is deeply, deeply strange.

Monday, March 8, 2010

so fucking on, and so fucking forth / we've got your back, whatever that's worth

i've pretty much been listening to joanna nonstop for two weeks (unsurprisingly), and with good reason. i've also been mixing an EP (!!), which basically entails listening to my songs over and over and over again and tweaking them slightly, which is driving me a bit batshit (but progress is being made-- hopefully in time for march 29). it will not surprise you to learn that i get a bit obsessive about my favorite records and listen to them incessantly and intently, which is why i'm sometimes bad at getting into new stuff. the plus side of all this is that my favorite records make me intensely happy, and that i can tell which records are really wonderful by how much time i put into them, because i am unconsciously drawn to listening to them over and over. when i have come up for air from have one on me in the last couple weeks, here's what i have loved:

los campesinos!

have i mentioned i love this record? yes? shut up. these two songs got me pumped up this morning.


the perfect workout record. background music for my accidental 5 mile run up a mountain this weekend.

do make say think

possibly the best record to listen to at work (especially for those of us who love maximally wordy music and can't get any work done while listening to it); also, tremendously warm and rewarding, and perhaps their best record (along with a tender history in rust).

vampire weekend (WHAT?!?)

no, seriously. this song is awesome. and the snow is gone, thank fucking god. it's sort of natural that it's the only song of theirs that i like.

oh, also, kittens. be happy.

and i had begun to fill in all the lines

for the record, i did this first. also, robin peckinold? sounds like a made up name. but great beard, and good cover.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


dear blog,

one of the best things about having written in this stupid thing for one and a half years is that i've accrued a lot of stupid, stupid tags. so, i've added them onto the bottom of the page in cloud form. take a walk down memory lane with me and gaze at all the things i thought were funny.


ps: this was prophesied in the very first post. key line:

also, i will probably think of lots of funny jokes, and i will need a place to publish them to universal acclaim.

i don't belong to anyone