Saturday, October 24, 2009 what i typed in when trying to get here to post about how much i like emily haines. well done, me. i think that says some very interesting things about my subconscious conception of my place in the universe; interesting insofar as they make me feel fucking selfish and stupid.

which is a good segue into how good metric is! (aside: if i had to calculate how many years it takes me to worship a band after everybody else knows and loves them, it's usually somewhere between 5 and 50, with a few outliers [either new bands or brahms, which skew from -2 months to 150 years]. yeah, i'm lame.) i just read an article about how james cameron, in addition to being a huge dickhead and control freak, loves, marries, and makes action heroes of super strong women, which i think is awesome. everybody knows i like emily haines and the soft skeleton, because, duh, basically unaccompanied depressive piano music!, but sometimes you just want to rock the fuck out to somebody who is justifiably acidic, sometimes angry, sometimes vulnerable, and in general a total fucking badass. i love everything she does.

"ever since you have been gone, it's all caffeine free faux-punk fatigue." YES. "no one here wants to fight me like you do." DOUBLE YES. maybe jemina pearl is going to grow into a version of emily haines?? one hopes.

great synth riff, great middle that showcases her unbelievably beautiful voice, oh, and a subject matter that huuuurts. "remind me not to feel a thing."

does this not sound like an encore? i love great closing tracks (what people are made of by modest mouse comes to mind) and this kills it. also a great example of the twisty, half-step songwriting that she does so well.

my 2nd-most played song on itunes. duh.

oh also here's a playlist: does this work better?

maybe in a few years i will check out their other records!! DON'T RUSH ME

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