Friday, October 23, 2009

false optimism

i've been listening to a lot of kid a recently, since i bought it from lala (which i love, in case you were wondering) for $1.99. optimistic came on first this morning, and in honor of the recent recurrence of my horrendous stress dreams (a sample from just today: i slept through our big conference, which is coming up; came home on the train after that and it turned out it was christmas, and i didn't get anyone anything) i thought of making a list of my favorite fake-optimism songs.

at some point i realized that list is really, really long.

but here's a first crack. i'm trying lala embeds, because they are reliable, and you can get your requisite one listen out of them for free. if you want to download them, go to hypemachine.

comment: uhhhh, duh.

the least convincing "nothing's wrong" i've ever heard.

she's arguing with herself at the end! sounds just like my head, except for way more beautiful. also, i could have posted almost any beach house song for this theme.

one of my most favorite, most upbeat modest mouse songs. yet: "you always told me life's a dam that breaks, well, here it comes"; "keep it clean and no one's ever won"; and, of course, "the place and the time where we knew everything could go wrong"

i always thought this was a no-brainer, but i can't tell you how many people i've had to convince that this is NOT A HAPPY SONG.

the absolute, definitive, best version of this fantastic song. also, it's probably about jesus, or the messiah? i think that counts for bonus points.

so, yeah. that makes a pretty good front half of a mix-- and if these seem like very typical al;ec songs, and the type of songs i listen to all the time, that's because THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE.

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