Sunday, January 4, 2009

there are other ways, i used to think, to find my way around

just as ian was getting me into a crotchety mood due to fender custom shop guitars and life, i remembered this. please read.

will oldham piece in the new yorker

i hold him in the highest possible regard, especially after reading this, and i have played and recorded plenty of his songs. i was thinking that, as a lark/gift/joke, i would render this in several pages and illuminate the first letters, and make all his text in red. you know, jesus-style. i think it'd be funny and maybe meaningful.

and so! it brings me back to the new year. i hope that it will be good, and i plan to try and make it so; i think that i'm going to set a date-certain before which i will not even consider trying to find employment, so that i can stop stressing out and instead write songs as often as possible. i'm going to try and go on tour, at the very least with steve over spring break, and to play shows around this area more. and make excuses less, for this and everything.

and apply to grad school.

oh, also, i want to continue doing awesome things, like dominating at trivia every week, spending time with my friends, changing my appearance regularly (up to and including growing beards), telling universally funny and well-received jokes, etc.

that should be so easy! piece of cake! great job! great blog!


emma said...

grad school? what is this plan?

jessica said...

i am happy we are friends!