Monday, January 5, 2009

three people who are way more awesome than we have any right to expect them to be

first: shaq's twitter. seriously it is genius. scroll down to the ones he did before christmas about portland, and just enjoy his overall mastery of misspelled hilarity.

second: tom ricks' blog on tom ricks was the military affairs correspondent for the Washington Post for eight years, wrote Fiasco (which you should read), took a buyout last year, and now has this blog. dry, right? nope! check out a few selected moments of greatness: tom ricks pissing on harold pinter's grave; calling out blog censorship, linking to a hilarious rebuttal, and daring nyt publisher pinch sulzberger (not his editor, i was wrong) to try it on him; not trusting monkeys. in between these gems are also serious, insightful gems about foreign policy like this one, about how the panda-basher's tendency to get the vapours every time china talks about getting an aircraft carrier is sort of irrelevant. maginot line, zing!!

third: teri garr. best known for work in tootsie and as inga in Young Frankenstein ("What knockers! -- "Vy zank you, Doctor!"). her interview is THE BEST. she is THE BEST. she would probably ask why she's third on this list and call me sexist and then go "oh i'm so bad!" but you're SO GOOD, TERI GARR.

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