Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wednesdays are great.

we won at trivia tonight, again. steve came along and helped. dana's hunches were all correct. gabrielle knows a friend of mine, randomly! (the other guy i didn't know was next door neighbors for my mom's old principal/boss at the elementary school where she teaches! WEIRD.) she also did research on puppet movies, when i thought they were puppy movies, so that helped the team knowledge and allowed jessica to finally understood my turner & hooch joke. steve and my joanna newsom love helped us successfully answer an astronomy question. jessica also threatened me but also offered to give me a pep talk, which is a very jessica thing to do, by which i mean an awesome thing. i didn't get punched in the neck, my lymph node didn't explode, and my brief whining was tolerated long enough for me to turn around my crappy two days.

so there you have it.


devan said...

my roommates are so awesome.

jessica said...

a few items:
1. glad to see scary scary ne's repeat use!
2. joanna newsom came up huge at a) trivia! and b) teaching me that everything i know is wrong
3. thank you for your weekly wednesday trip to the hood! it is a magical time!
4. you are great!
5. i will see you saturday when you come to my birthday party!

Gabrielle said...

you, sir, are great! and so was steve! team-chemistry magic!