Monday, November 10, 2008

we are great conversationalists

0:14 PM me: my apologies for venting but that's what i needed to do
Meredith: i understand
me: (feeling a little sorry for myself enters into that)
Meredith: keep me posted on this
the prospect of you pooping your pants is interesting
if nothing else
10:15 PM did you see michelle obama's white house visit dress?
me: hahaha
10:16 PM yes there is a lot of humor value here
and also the only emotional energy i've spent in monts
it was orange right
Meredith: yeah, orangey red. so good
maybe you should spend some emotional capital somewhere else.
just give it a shot
10:17 PM go out, spend some emotional dollars
me: you invest capital
cmon who are you, bush?
if i could, i would
my emotional capital is extremely illiquid
Meredith: solid?
10:18 PM me: no
very difficult to make into liquid assets to sell or trade or spend
Meredith: i know i know
i was making a joke
me: it's like commercial real estate.
i know.
Meredith: i know what liquid means
10:19 PM me: but it was a good use of financial terms!
i'm not worthless, my portfolio is just very difficult to value right now!
don't make me sell at firesale prices, meredith!
that would be FOLLY
10:20 PM Meredith: oh geez
me: hahahahaha
now i can call sex "capital infusions"
i feel better.
Meredith: hahahahahahahahahaha
10:21 PM omg. that mystey show was ridiculous!
that man is hilarious
me: was it not?!?
Meredith: it was absurd

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