Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i think blogs are like DFW footnotes, for life

let me see if i can weave a bunch of convoluted references into a linear progression:

1. had the same bus driver today that i had on my previous post! he was not as talkative, maybe a little sad, but i do project that on others.

2. man on bus with a moustache (different one this ti
me) commented on my beard.. at least i thought he did, and i ignored it at first, thinking it was not about me. i got confirmation when he asked me if i wanted to visit iran, because the mullahs would really like me with my gnarly beard and lack of tie (wearing collared shirt sans tie as per my strict personal dresscode). i took the 'compliment' as gracefully as possible.

3. that made me think of this video which is worth watching again, because it's funny, because fred armisen is adorable, beacuse they ripped off a great aphex twin piano line, and because gay panic jokes are not usually funny, but they're goddamn hilarious when in regards to ahmedinejad.

3b. which reminds me, andy samberg is dating joanna newsom. i was initially really mixed up about that, but i've sort of made my peace. sort of. i still might try to hurt him.

3(c)(4). which reminds me, this is like brandon's obsession and subsequent disillusionment with scarlett johansson, except almost the opposite; the common thread is that i think we both are on some level inspired to volcanic, impotent fulmination by them. and yes i read everyone's blog in the universe. sorry.

god knows that volcanic, impotent fulmination is my middle name.


Edgar Keats said...

Luke is coaltrain. Get your blogging monikers straight. I swear we at Epic Mail will throw down the blogging gauntlet.

al;ec said...

the other best thing about blogs is that i can change them and pretend i never fucked up in the first place. plus he made a graph in solidarity, so it counts.

so, i reply, what?? i will bring the BLOG WAR to your home for your lies! i'll eat pancakes on your grave!

devan said...