Saturday, October 4, 2008

re: stacks

this is what i did this morning.

i played in front of a big gothic building last night. mixed talking heads and destroyer. mixed wilson pickett, the national, and bob dylan. used a delay pedal.

today it took me a long time to wake up, longer to get out of bed. i combed my beard (after the video), ate a tempeh bacon lettuce tomato sandwich, and bought a radio alarm clock in the hopes of being able to wake up if NPR comes on instead of a hellish beeping.


katie.hannah said...

agh! so much beard!!! anyway, I wanted to commend your inclusion of the promised land, aka Humboldt County, on your grand tour. Arcata, CA will most definitely welcome you, if you don't get sucked in by Confusion Hill on the way (seriously, you've got to watch out for the chipalopes). [].


Ian said...

hey, great blog man. also, great comment on my blog, incidentally.