Thursday, September 18, 2008

said it was good to be alive

i am in a rough mood, so let's focus on the positive. the weather today could not be better. twelve calendar days until the end of the quarter. twenty two calendar days until the end of work. and i've got holland, 1945 stuck in my head.

which led me back to an idea that's been kicking around in my head along with my other grand and probably unworkable plans: monthly drunken cover singalongs. here's the pitch: lots of people like to go to/host dance parties, in which good times are had and alcohol is consumed. as is well documented, i don't like dance parties very much. as is also well documented, i love playing other people's songs. so, what i want to do is curate and host the first edition of a hopefully monthly gathering of folks hanging out, imbibing, and having a big ol' singalong.

i have no idea if this will work, be weird, be well attended, or what. but i think it'd be a hell of a lot of fun, especially if a few people (me, others) were actually excited about the ethos of it, namely, to participate and share and have fun unironically via music. so, preferably no snide covers of radio rap, no forced participation, etc. byob, byoinstruments. i'll need to get an upright piano. three part harmonies encouraged.

brainstorm a tracklist with me in the comments. forward this to anyone you would want to have involved. tentative ideas: neutral milk hotel, fleet foxes, CSN(Y), spoon, pavement, sufjan, bowie, talking heads, joanna newsom (duh), wilco, bon iver... i guess anything that's on the tip of people's tongues. we'd publish it in advance for learning purposes, and if muxtape were still around i'd make one of those. maybe i'll post the tracks... ON MY BLOG.


k said...

you should tell me, when this will be, so that i will be there, since, fuck, motherfucker, my friend louis was hella rhyming tonight and i was encouraging him, and now i am speaking in--

here's what i think you should cover:

1. satellite of love
2. tell it to the rain
3. i'm the man who loves you
4. maybelline
5. bad moon rising
6. rave on (uh well uh hell uh hell the little things)

i can fly for free. i have no excuse not to be there. and i love you. kill some glass. i love you too.

k said...

and don't worry about the government because don't

al;ec said...

excellent suggestions. we used to play i'm the man who loves you. that and oh yoko are the two most enjoyable songs to sit around and play with other people that i know, because they're so happy!

also, maybe i'll try and stop in with you on my way to iowa city in a few weeks? where are you now?