Thursday, March 11, 2010

not gonna win you round with prose; if anyone should know, then it's i should know

i had a dream last night in which i was hanging out in a nearly empty hotel ballroom with los campesinos! who were playing conan o'brien's show, even though it was already off the air (thus why i was the only one there). after conan and i sang along with the band (i can't remember which song, but i know it was quite vivid in my dream, and i of course knew all the words), he went a bit ape and started tearing the walls out of said hotel ballroom. also, i only know it was a hotel ballroom because it had ugly carpet.

then we went outside and played soccer. then i ran home? i'm not sure.

i got three things from this:
1) if i drink lots of gin and tonics i have fun dreams;
2) in my drunkenness i managed to set a google calendar alarm to buy LC! tickets this morning
3) everyone should follow conan on twitter.

4) my subconscious is deeply, deeply strange.

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