Monday, March 15, 2010

are you a man or are you a bag of sand?

it's dumb to get new music through tv shows, but hey, this isn't the first time i've learned a song i love by a band i recognize through watching chuck (ps: last two episodes have absolutely justified my decision to stick with this show). he's also playing my exact guitar.

oh and here's an old acoustic version

he looks a bit like nick offerman in this one.

i feel like i would really like this band. plus, i am quite fond of songs where it's unclear whether they want you not to give up or to give up. also, songs about drowning.


jessica said...

HEY! i really like frightened rabbit! i have their second album, the midnight organ fight, that i can send you if you want it!

i haven't listened to the new album yet, but this song is so good! i bet it's awesome!

al;ec said...

i wonder if you came for the band name and stayed for the songs? (you are why i have heard of them).

i'm looking into them, slowly, since joanna, LC!, and the EP are taking up all of my listening time right now, but i'll probably buy that record if i like it. i've heard the second one is the best.

BrittanyPixie said...

I keep forgetting that Chuck comes on on Monday. I'm a horrible tv show watcher... But it HAS been good lately.