Thursday, July 2, 2009

thursday mornin comin down

thanks to everyone who could come out yesterday. it was really, really fun.

i find myself today looking for the right music to get back into a life-mode that's not utterly disrupted by show-playing. as much fun as we had, it's necessary to re-normalize life. and for me, today, these two songs!


beach house -- lovelier girl (you'll have to stream it from here)

you might say: wait, these are unbelievably depressing! to you, maybe. i was thinking about kris kristofferson's 'sunday mornin comin down' but all the videos for that are from the 70s and 80s mariachi-band era. i just love the late-era johnny cash, and the fact that will oldham sings backup is just great. plus, despite everything, i think it's a happy song.

the beach house song is one of my many, many favorites. i could listen to them forever. this one is about distance and sadness and all that stuff, but it's also a happy song.

i think, if i were to complete the trifecta, i'd listen to those two in that order and add 'love comes to me' by bonnie "prince" billy. that'd really get me ready for life again. i think johnny cash, in the aforementioned mariachi-band and sickly-sweet-strings period could rip this song with june. if only.

nice. is that the wind?

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