Sunday, July 12, 2009

bored of trade part 3

man, that was fun. notable:

-seeing all my friends, or at least a great many, in one place.
-the awesome way lindsay puts these things on. it's not a coolness contest all the time. just art, some tiny wine solo cups, a new canopy in the back yard, and loud, awesome bands inside.
-speaking of: BLDGS and the laughing man were really, really good. obviously i love them as people, but both bands were so good. and punishingly loud. i had paper-towel-ears the whole night.
-sweating all the time! this was not good; it was notable. everyone was doing it.
-meeting my friends' cool friends. for instance, it turns out that the one and only jason has started playing bass for seas, who i liked anyway and know some folks who like, and i finally made the connection between people-i-kind-of-know and people-who-are-in-that-band. good! always a fun realization.
-more music-related fun realizations: ian svenonius came, and i was standing in the entry walkway, and he greeted me as if i were an old friend before realizing he didn't know me. super nice guy. sixteen-year-old me was freaking out a little. he also knows my friends, so i guess we could hypothetically also be friends. sixteen-year-old me is freaking out a little about that, too.
-jason and i orchestrating song-based fistbump cues: we blow it up, magnet it back (like usual), and hold it until we both get done singing the same part of the same song. we tried it with "bicycle" by queen and "help!" by the beatles. mixed results due to shaky execution; awesome idea.
-spaaten optimator.
-bike riding.
-liz professing equal amounts of incredulity and happiness hearing about my new life stuff.
-receiving a text message this morning from dave that read, simply, "canadian girlfriend."

i think this will do fine in lieu of a post bragging about how lots of good stuff is happening in my life. last night was a small, great slice of happy.

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Don't Say I Didn't said...

i heard about this canadian supermodel girlfriend of yours. likely story.