Friday, May 29, 2009

life is about tradeoffs

just put my a/c back into my window. let's do the numbers:

pro: did it myself
con: now i am all sweaty

pro: my room is no longer going to be a hellhole of heat and humidity
con: it's probably just going to be humid now

pro: i still have the foam stuff so that there's a reasonable, if not perfect, seal around it
con: it has spent the last fifteen minutes spewing chunks of dirt and petrified leaves into my room for some reason, as if instead of storing it in the 3rd story closet like i thought i did, i had accidentally buried it in the back yard

pro: added white noise
con: i think my fan gets jealous.

pro: my fan constantly sounds like it's about to fall off and kill me and/or have a heart attack
con: none

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