Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy things

why am i in to you again, (arguably) happy things? my tolerance and knowledge of you is minimal. i feel especially sheepish after reminding all of my devoted readers (ahem) of my general grouchiness; i also feel like i'm tempting fate and karma.

but, whatever. fuck that.

here are some things that make me happy:

. nobody on the internet knows about him. nobody. i just love his last record so, so much. yeah, it's not mine to like, exactly; it's still unbelievably fucking sweet. it's taken me a few years to feel good about life, but i knew that when i did, i would dig the shit out of it again, and i was right. go listen to thousand points of view immediately.

MAGNET'S WREN WATCH/THE WRENS. so, magnet is doing a weekly feature where they call or email charles from the wrens and get cursed at/hung up on. it's brilliant. i still love this band even if everyone else on earth has forgotten about them, and despite/because of the fact that they are old bastards, and especially because they've been so nice to me as i've stalked them over the years. also, remember how good they are? go remember, now. they even have a nightswimming cover that seems shitty but then gets awesome.

PLAYING SHOWS. yeah, it's fun. you should come on friday, and to artomatic in june, and to various other ones i'll play. you know why? because you're my friend and you read my blog, that's fucking why, but also because i have no idea how long i will play music for, and every single show is totally and utterly different. and because you like music. shut up, just come.

there are a lot of other things (honest mate, playing muscles covers, my new synth, peregrine espresso, big bear, the dc art community i've fallen into, being an adult, wearing a really foppish bandanna some days, arrested development jokes in blog tags, getting upset about hockey, the fact that ian has a girlfriend [hahahahah whatttt], running, vacuuming, staying up until 4am, etc.) but those are the ones for now. i was going to write about my plan to achieve my goals by making anti-charity threats (see here), but that might still happen.

oh, i've also upped my cappuccino intake to 3 per day. this may have something to do with it. i'm trying to replace exercise with a constant BPM of 180 due to overcaffeination. so far, so good.


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