Monday, April 13, 2009

righteous anger

so my goddamn synth did not com in today, despite me rationalizing an entire day in fairfax in my pajamas on the assumption that i'd leave as soon as it came. but it didn't. i got some quality time with my mom and my cats, so i guess all is not lost.

in any case, i finally clothed myself and made it to murky, where i put together this little thing. it's a (third, if you're counting) myspace music page, this time devoted only to covers that have accumulated like flotsam and jetsam over the months and years. while it confuses things even more than they already are confused, what with alecsander and hello, babies being used interchangeably, well, i don't care. i'll have a website soon(ish) and that should clear some things up.

point is: come to this!

1 comment:

emma said...

so, now that you have a whole site dedicated to covers, there is NO EARTHLY REASON i shouldn't be hearing your dulcet tones singing a poignant rendition of "les poissons" in the very near future.

i'm just saying.

home the 29th. start counting down.