Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"we're going to play some canadian space rock for ya"

random thought: i need to move this over to tumblr. blogspot is comparatively busted.
other random thought: i miss lala a lot. i have to use hypemachine for any convenient music now and it's annoying.

for now: do make say think, aka a great band to listen to anytime but especially at work. loved forever, but some rarities/right-now jamz:

great live jam. sick bass.

two of my favorites in the same video, plus great banter.

adorable video for a tender history in rust, which has to be my favorite song to play on guitar.

great song i'd never heard before, entitled "hooray! hooray! hooray!"

and the first track on their newest record, that makes me happy as soon as the first guitar comes in. how do they get all their instruments to sound so fucking good? i don't know.

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