Friday, April 30, 2010

and i plan to be forgotten when i'm gone

various concerns:

1) lala is shutting down. this basically sucks, even if it may mean that iTunes is going streaming/online soon (apple bought lala). i will miss it, as will anyone trying to listen to anything i've ever posted on this blog before, which is a bummer.

2) the new tallest man on earth record is phenomenal. starting points:

burden of tomorrow: the happiest, i think, of all the songs on here.

a lion's heart: one of the saddest, i think, of all the songs on here.

the wild hunt: i like to think that this is a really happy wake song. (the only possible reply to this kind of statement, is, i know, "you would think that")

thousand ways: something about a thousand makes for good songs. current favorite.

3) we've got a show coming up, curated by and featuring some of my favorite people. may 14th, velvet lounge, apparently there's a flyer and everything. there may be a new song or two, some covers we don't usually get to do, etc., pending steve's return from palestine. maybe some details will be revealed about me moving away? who knows.

4) i forgot to mention how much i've been digging late-period Johnny Cash since i listened to a lot of it to/from SF a few weeks ago. primarily these two covers:

i see a darkness (ft. bonnie "prince" billy) -- duh. great backup vox by will oldham. i may have posted this before, but who cares?

hurt -- not only does this song rule, and makes me really sad (also duh), but the production is PHENOMENAL. i want, someday, to make a song that sounds this good. rick rubin produced it; the money was obviously there; but apart from the guitar sounding perfect, the build in the end makes the vocals peak ever so slightly and fills up 110% of the sonic space. it is a physical enveloping. (this youtube is low quality and does it no justice-- find a better version if you can).

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