Monday, January 11, 2010

oh hey i finished a new song

it was originally called "there's no telling 01 02 09" because i recorded it MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. as i was leafing through old derelict recordings, i found it (and some other fun things) and while i was at the coffee shop today i thought i'd try to make it into a full song, you know, with parts and whatnot. i'm always trying to live up to my reputation: minimal folk-electronica blend, and while it's mostly accidental that it comes out that way, i suppose i have to agree with them. they know me better than i know myself.

without further ado: 373 days after first being recorded, here is "there's no telling 01 10 10"

with turnaround time like this, i should have a record done by the end of the century! or by the next wrens album!

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