Monday, December 28, 2009

alecsander trip diary vol. 3

updates on last post:

1) i forgot to mention that i've seen several men who could most accurately be described as "the uruguayan dave matthews." no further comment seems necessary.

2) soon after i wrote about blah blah blah what do i do here, we went on a long walk down the boardwalk next to the beach on the way to dinner. it was goddamn gorgeous outside. we went to a chiviteria (a place that serves chivitos, which are awesome/disgusting hamburgers, kind of like if five guys used steak instead of ground beef and piled egg, ham, cheese, and god knows what else onto a gigantic bun) and naturally i just had a big bottle of patricia, one of the local beers, instead. everyone drinks out of 3/4 L bottles here so that was just the proper serving size, and i started feeling much more at peace with the world. still didn't go dancing or meet any cute or nice argentinian girls, thanks be to challah.

3) we saw steve's doppleganger on the beach the next day. WHAT. still didn't befriend him. seems like a good omen, though.

that takes care of that. the next day we went to the beach, which was really nice. the water was pretty cold but i still really enjoyed it, which is reasonably weird for me. got a bit sunburned on my shoulders. we then went to visit some relatives and ate, then we drove up north 20 miles or so to jose ignacio, which is this strange little outpost with lots and lots of rich people.(1) it was really beautiful and deceptively quaint until you realized that everything was made out of money, even though none of them were particularly gigantic. it's the most exclusive enclave of very rich argentinians and expats. watched the sun set there. by the time we finally made it home, alive but shaken(2), we were exhausted and had to be up early. so ends that day, and today has been quiet but involved a lot of thinking but that either deserves a post of its own or no post at all, depending on how open i'm feeling like being, so we'll leave that for later.

(1): the first day we got here there was a picture on the front page of the newspaper of kevin bacon and kyra sedgwick walking in jose ignacio, which was weird. apparently uma thurman is there now.

(2): all of us forgot the loaner cellphones we've been using, and we were in two cars, so to communicate we stopped and one person got out. this worked pretty well in quiet beach towns, but given how insane the argentinians who have overrun this country drive, it was a terrible idea for our relatives to decide to stop ON THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY and run back to talk to us. she continued to try to talk to us as we were yelling at her to get back into her car until the yelling got very loud and somewhat vulgar (my bad) but we didn't die. it was touch and go for a minute.

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