Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm weighted by thinkin'

i suppose i could write why i like this song so much, but in light of giving thanks and the upcoming weekend festivities and everything, i'll just give credit where credit is due from the pfork review: this is a great summary of why this song is wonderful.
"Graze" flows directly into "What Would I Want? Sky", a song that samples Grateful Dead's "Unbroken Chain" and is easily among the most warm, likeable, and melodic tracks Animal Collective have recorded. It refracts Aquarian optimism through a modern sense of uncertainty, undercutting the loop's jovial lilt with a tricky structure and lyrics that seem confused about what will happen next. "Sky" contains the first officially licensed sample of the Dead, and it's the best marketing move the band's organization has made since they greenlighted Cherry Garcia. It's not easy to take a cut-up voice and make it the centerpiece of a tune, and it's harder still to sing along with it in a way that doesn't sound forced. But "What Would I Want? Sky" sounds as natural as something that grew out of the earth.
i think the best way to tell good things is by whether they feel as natural as something that grew out of the earth.

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