Sunday, August 9, 2009

what's in store? we don't know just yet

i only really listen to sad bastard music. this is a well-documented fact. that's not to say that i listen to all the same style of music, or that all the music i like makes me sad, but there are very few flat-out joyous songs that i really like.

bands like architecture in helsinki usually irritate the crap out of me. 8 piece? you better be playing post-rock. however, these bands are great for singles. GREAT. because i don't have to listen to the 10 songs on the record i hate, just the one or two that really do it for me.

so, when what's in store just came on at peregrine, i just put a big smile on my big dumb face. so many good things in this song: fake-emo lyrcs ("carve your name into my arm / 'cause i long / to feel your name blood red") sung in the most positive way possible; slow beginning with meandering synth-strings; slow-build; guitar riff doubled by glockenspiel; boy-girl love-barf chorus that gets stuck in your bone marrow for days; and horns, oh the horns. the end of this song sounds like a shenanigans song. like old relationships, that hurt for a while, and now i've just come to embrace it as an awesome part of my life that is over. i swear to god i never want to use horns in anything, but the end of this song makes a pretty strong case.

it's nice to have a few songs filled with unadulterated joy up your sleeve for times when being happy comes around. today, barring yet another catastrophe in the next two hours, is one of those times.

a few others on my personal list:

second-time post! that's how good this is:

and, of course, jessica's ringtone, the happiest song i am aware of:

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jessica said...

also for crayon... cutest video ever?

i love joy songs! yay!