Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and now for something completely different

fascinating article!

about the obama administration!


the new...york......TIMES!

gotcha, suckers. good article! matt bai this time! new yorker-worthy! read!

also, i've been reading a ton of good articles recently. thank god for both the age-old practice of name-dropping things i don't know about but should, and the brand-new internet practice of linking to said things.

articles about language by two of the best twentieth century writers:
vonnegut on dictionaries
orwell on sloppy english making for sloppy thinking

one of the best magazine profiles ever (don't believe me? david carr said so, in another great article, which is why i know about it at all):
gay talese: "frank sinatra has a cold"

want to know about afghanistan? read this.

want to know about the outlook for iraq's political situation? read this.

want to know about how COIN really worked during the surge? read this.

want to read my three favorite foreign policy blogs? of course you don't.

if there's anything i can take out of my long sabbatical, it's that i read a shit-ton of good stuff. there's not much to show for it, but at least i have a good idea of the high, high bar that i have to hit for any writing i produce in the future. knowing how much you don't know is wisdom indeed.

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