Friday, February 27, 2009

dept. of hero-worship

i've been waiting to read this article about rahm emanuel for almost a week now, like some sort of impossibly self-denying smack addict. it came out online on monday, and my hard-copy new yorker didn't come until yesterday. so, here i sit at murky coffee, full of love for my fellow man and woman, tremendously pleased with the greatest substances on earth (classic cappuchino, big glass of un-iced cold water, pistachios, everything bagel with cream cheese), and the first three pages are so fucking good.

that's right.

i haven't even finished it yet. i came back to the internet to tell you how much i love it. also, i came back to the internet, though i never fully left (life has been busy). so, deal with it!

other things, other things, before i get back to reading/basking:
1) happy birthday yesterday, steve; come to his house tomorrow for a fun show of covers
2) new song up on the myspaces; sent in macrock application; with absolutely unbelievable help from matt, i'll be putting together some tours (YES tourS) in april and the coming months, as well as record label demos and a band and that kind of thing. for actually real this time. i think anytime i play with a band it'll be called hello, babies so if you didn't know that was me before, you know now.
3) going to texas next week. yeehaw!
4) the same people who read this blog already know, but i'm obsessed with this song.
5) i'm fully committed to applying for phd programs this fall, so, phew. talk about life plan.

so much else, but i mean, i can't tell everyone everything individually, so, blog blog blog.

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devan said...

i'm so glad you love skeletons! it's so great!